Vacation Over, Mindset Renewed!

Hey sunshines! For the past couple of days, I have been a little MIA because I was back in Virginia visiting my parents for a little bit. Because of school, work, and the distance, I barely get to see them throughout the year so it was nice to spend Mother’s Day and my dad’s birthday at home.

But I’m back and feeling more motivated than ever.

I booked myself a flight to Miami with my big and little and it was very spontaneous. It was on a questionable airline so I hope it goes smoothly. Booking the trip also made me feel a little iffy financially. I’m taking steps to really reorganize and reassess my financial plan to accommodate this trip and give me peace of mind that it is doable. The trip itself costs around $300 including airfare and staying so I’m definitely going to have to buckle down and tighten up my spending until then. Good thing I’m working an incredible amount starting this weekend and all throughout the month of June.

I might do a series on this blog on some financial hacks! Stay tuned!




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