Failing Some, Succeeding Some

Hey guys! I think I’m overdue for an update.

The challenge has been going well. There are a few things that I really haven’t been committing to, but in general, I’m really happy with my efforts. I’ve been getting up pretty early and getting in my gym sessions before work which is fantastic. I’ve also been for the most part sticking with my goals.

I picked up a book on self discipline and it’s been really helping to motivate me to stay on track, but the biggest challenge for me is my financial, working on my book, and reviewing medchem. Obviously those are the most important, but I’m finding that because I don’t enjoy them, I’m not doing them. Instead, I’m focusing a lot on fitness because I enjoy that. For example, I started a yoga challenge. I really didn’t need to. It was more of a want than a need a this point, whereas, I really need to review MedChem.

I don’t know. I’ll try a few ways to get motivated and I’ll figure out how I can get my act together and be consistent in those areas.


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